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Important Issues

For all of us

Mental Health

For over 30 years, Randy has been a provider of mental health services. Over his career, he has also witnessed and fought against the dismantling of the state psychiatric hospital system, and the negative long-term consequences this has had on people with mental disabilities and illnesses, as well as the strain it has placed on the community mental health system and healthcare system overall. This reckless approach has left a lack of access for those in need of urgent care. Randy understands that we must prioritize funding to address this critical concern. That’s why he’ll fight for:


Increased outpatient and inpatient services for children and adults


Increased access to long-term treatment facilities


Increased funding for mental health services across the board

Gun Control

Randy believes every parent and child should feel safe in their own community. If elected, Randy will work to implement common sense gun control that is supported by the vast majority of residents in the Farmington and Farmington Hills areas. These include:


Universal background checks on ALL firearms


Point of transfer background checks on ALL firearms


Red flag laws to remove guns deemed a danger to the community


Assault weapons ban


I want to make sure that we continue to work toward holding polluters accountable, and that we work to clean up our land, air, and water. We need to work to replace the 450,000 lead service lines so that we don’t poison generation after generation of children and their families.

Public Education

Strong public education is the foundation of a successful community. That’s why we need innovative teachers who can challenge our children to reach their full potential and prepare them for jobs and life in the future.  At the same time, we must also actively engage students in their learning to ensure they develop the skills and habits to be lifelong learners while building a foundation of basic content knowledge and skills. However, no child can effectively learn without proper nutrition. It is critical that we also support vulnerable kids who may not have access to three meals each day. Funding free and reduced cost meal programs are an important component to building a healthy and productive student body. We can also be more efficient with our taxpayer resources to ensure these important programs can be funded.

As a Council member in Farmington Hills, Randy founded the intergovernmental committee that connected the cities of Farmington, Farmington Hills, and the Farmington school system to share services that resulted in an efficient use of resources that saved taxpayers money.  

Government Transparency

As a member of Farmington and Farmington Hills government for 24 years, Randy understands the importance of transparency, accountability, and answering to the public. As your next state representative, Randy will work to ensure the public has access to information from state government by opening up ALL state branches and offices to FOIA rules and regulations and publishing unedited video and live streaming ALL state board and commission meetings.

Auto Insurance Reform

Randy has treated survivors of traumatic brain and spinal cord injuries for over 30 years. He has seen how auto insurance reform has had devastating effects on those being treated for serious and catastrophic injuries, with little to no rate relief for Michigan drivers. As a state representative, Randy will fight to implement more bi-partisan legislation to help lower auto insurance rates, open up the Michigan Catastrophic Claims Association fund for transparency, eliminate non-driving factors for insurance rates, provide greater fraud authority to examine insurance companies, and increase consumer protections for all Michiganders.

Organized Labor

Randy spent over eight years as a member of the UAW. During that time, he saw firsthand how organized labor benefits its members and Michigan’s working families. Randy strongly believes that Right-To-Work is nothing more than a scam by corporations to dismantle the power of the everyday worker. In Lansing, Randy will fight to repeal Right-To-Work, stop the attacks on unions, support collective bargaining, and improve access for union members to earn state contracts.

Local Government Control

Over the past 16 years on City Council, Randy has seen a number of attacks on local government from representatives in Lansing, taking away the rights of local officials to implement local ordinances and policies that reflect the will of the voters in our communities. This has led to severe cuts in revenue sharing by the state that impacts the quality of our roads, bridges, water systems, and a broad spectrum of municipal services. Randy will work to strengthen local control by fighting to restore funding to local municipalities and will oppose any legislation that attempts to further dismantle local ordinances in favor of one-size-fits-all policies that ignore the will of the taxpayers.

Senior Citizens

As a healthcare professional, Randy has worked with seniors for over 40 years. During that time, he has seen a disturbing decrease in access to affordable senior care and housing, resulting in seniors and their families scrambling for additional support. As state representative, Randy is the candidate with the knowledge and expertise to effectively advocate for our senior community and ensure they have access to programs that provide home-delivered meals, healthy aging programs, case management professionals, and support groups. This lack of care and compassion for our seniors will be a core issue that will have his full attention. In Lansing, Randy will fight for these programs and more critical senior services, including:
Improved access to affordable housing
Reform Insurance to lower drug prices for seniors
Crack down on scams and elder abuse
Repeal the unfair senior retirement tax

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